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12 Volt Fan
12 Volt Fan As Shipped In 11" Pipe Piece

12 Volt Fan Installed
12 Volt Fan Installed
In Vent Stack

12 Volt Fan Interior View
12 Volt Fan
Interior View

What is the 12 Volt Fan?

The 12 Volt Fan is meant to accelerate airflow in all non-electric units. It comes pre-installed in an 11" piece of 4" diameter vent pipe so that it will fit in-line in your vent stack. It protects against downdraft and increases the evaporative performance of your non-electric unit by about 10 to 15%. Please note this is still not enough to evaporate all liquids from a non-electric toilet. The fan does not replace the overflow drain.

Its purchase is optional with an Excel NE, a Centrex 2000 NE, or a Centrex 1000 NE.

In Which Situations would I need a 12 Volt Fan?
  • If you have to put any bends in the vent stack (Sun-Mar recommends no more than two 45 elbows, even with a 12 volt fan installed).
  • If your location is subject to downdraft.
In Which Situations Would You Recommend a 12 Volt Fan?
  • If the unit is being used residentially
  • If you expect heavy seasonal use
In Which Situations Would Sun-Mar Not Recommend a 12 Volt Fan?
  • If you cannot run the fan continuously, it will act as a blockage in the vent stack. If this describes your situation, you can install the fan in a "bypass vent" off of the main stack.
  • If you live in a coastal area that is rich in salt air you may want to consider purchasing a more expensive, but more durable fan from Nicro; these fans are used in marine applications and may be purchased from marine supply stores. Our fans will stand up to most weather conditions, but do not do well in salt air.

Which units come with the 12 Volt Fan?
12 Volt Fan
Excel AC/DC
2.4 Watt
Centrex 1000 AC/DC
2.4 Watt
Centrex 2000 AC/DC
2.4 Watt
Centrex 2000 AF AC/DC
2.4 Watt
Centrex 2000 AF NE
2.4 Watt
Centrex 3000 NE
2.4 Watt
Centrex 3000 AF NE
2.4 Watt
Centrex 3000 AC/DC
2.4 Watt
Centrex 3000 AF AC/DC
2.4 Watt
Is Installation of the 12 Volt Fan Required on the Above Models?

AF (Air Flow) NE models:
These models require the installation of the 12 volt fan to ensure that air is being drawn down the Sun-Mar dry toilet in the bathroom.

AC/DC models:
Installation of the 12 volt fan is only required on these models where both vent stacks have been installed, or where any of the other situations exist where Sun-Mar recommends its installation.

Centrex 3000 NE:
While installation of the vent fan is not required on this model, it is highly recommended for assistance with airflow, or when any of the other situations exist where Sun-Mar recommends its installation.

How Do I Install the 12 Volt Fan?

Choose a section of your vent where you will easily be able to access the fan, and connect it to the battery. Cut a suitably sized section of vent stack and insert the fan into the stack, ensuring that the piece is positioned correctly so that the fan is blowing upwards (coupling will be at the bottom). Caulk both seams with silicone for the best airflow.

Why can't I just use a computer fan?

Our fans are protected from moisture and weather, except in the case of air that is rich in salt (see above). A computer fan will not withstand the moisture that it will be subjected to in the vent stack.

How Do I Power the Fan?

With DC Power:
Purchase a solar panel (minimum 10 Watts). You will also require a 12 volt battery. Sun-Mar suggests a deep cycle marine battery for best results. Connect the wires on the fan (red wire positive, blue wire negative) to the appropriate terminals on the battery, and connect the appropriate wires on the solar panel to the battery. The battery will store the charge from the solar panel, ensuring continuous operation of the fan even at night or on cloudy days.

With AC Power:
Purchase a 12 volt AC adapter from any electronics store. Cut off the female plug. Attach the positive wire to the red wire, the negative wire to the blue wire, and secure both with small wire connectors (marrettes). Plug into wall.

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