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Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Installation FAQ
Answers to some common questions about Sun-Mar composting toilet installation.

Parts And Accessories Included With Your Sun-Mar Composting Toilet
These composting toilet parts and accessories are included when you purchase a Sun-Mar.

Self-contained Composting Toilet Installation
Proper venting is an important aspect of composting toilet installation. See venting diagrams for Sun-Mar self-contained composting toilets.

Sun-Mar Central Composting Toilet System Installation
Proper venting is crucial for optimal operation of your central composting toilet system. See instructions and examples of how to vent your system.

Waste Pipe Installation for Sun-Mar Central Composting Toilet Systems
Waste pipe installation for central composting toilet systems is outlined here.

12 Volt Fan For Venting Composting Toilets
Venting is an important aspect of installing a composting toilet or central composting system. Find out when, where, and how to use a 12 volt fan to ensure adequate air flow.

Composting Toilet Use and Maintenance - Handling Excess Liquid
A composting toilet may need a recycling bed for excess liquid. Download a simple guide to building your own.

Sun-Mar Composting Toilets - Start-up And Maintenance
Proper use and maintainance of your composting toilet ensures odour-free operation. It's easy.

Composting Toilet - Seasonal Use Procedure
Procedure for seasonal use of your Sun-Mar composting toilet.

Sun-Mar Composting Toilets - Winter Use of Central Toilet Systems
Sun-Mar composting toilets serve as reliable year-round facilities when prepared for continuous or periodic use during the cold winter months.

Composting Toilets - Advice on Bulking Material
The efficiency of your composting toilet can be improved by using the right bulking material. Instructions for making your own.

Composting Toilet Testimonials
Owners of Sun-Mar composting toilets have their say.

About Us, Our Cottage And Composting Toilets
It was at our family cottage that I first learned about conserving water resources. Since then we've also learned about the effect of building outhouses around the lake. That's why we're installing a composting toilet.

Our Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Installation
Installation of a Sun-Mar Excel NE composting toilet at our cottage in Ontario.

Greywater Recycling
Aside from the obvious benefit of water conservation, greywater recycling reclaims nutrients that would otherwise be lost and returns them to the soil. Biological purification processes in the top layer of soil are much more effective than any engineered treatment.

Water Saving Tips
Use these water saving tips to save water around your home.

Article - Marine Vessel Sewage Discharge
Prevent pollution by properly disposing of sewage from your boat. Discharging sewage from boats into waterways is more than gross. It's a dangerous practice that endangers people's health and livlihoods.


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