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Water Fact:
In Canada, both septic tank pump-out liquid and municipal sewage sludge are routinely spread as "fertilizer" on land used to grow food.

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Testimonials

A Sun-Mar composting toilet is more fun than your average toilet! The testimonial letters and pictures on this page and elsewhere on this site were sent in by composting toilet owners who wrote to Sun-Mar to share their toilet tales. The people and their circumstances are varied, so if you're wondering if a composting toilet would work in your situation, you may find out here!

Excel NE Seeley's Bay
Edward Hand
Excel NE - Installed 2001 at Cottage in Seeley's Bay, ON

Our cottage near Seeley's Bay, Ontario is very rustic with no electricity or running water/septic.

We've had our Sun-Mar Excel-NE just over a year and are very pleased with the results - no mess, no smell, and much more pleasant than the "outhouse".
Excel NE Seeley's Bay
#2 "no pun intended - ha, ha" says Edward

Patricia Wainwright
Excel, Installed 1994
at Minas Basin, Nova Scotia

Being on the Minas Basin, with the world's highest tides (yes! the earth actually tilts at high tide) we have to cope with coastal erosion. Old septic systems can be a problem because of leaching into the seawater.

Sun-Mar toilets are a great environmental choice and great too for cold-weather visits to our cottage. My ornamental shrubs enjoy a spring perk-up when we spread our clean compost in May.

Excel Minas Basin
Excel Testimonial

High Tide, Minas Basin

Self, Cottage and Garden

Jacquelyn Morgan
Centrex 2000, Installed 2000 and Excel, Installed 2003
At Her Family Cottage, Northeast of Parry Sound, Ontario

Dear Friends:

Indeed, we do think of you as friends for your creative marketing style, your superb product and personable sales staff.

Our cottage is water access only and we only obtained electricity during the past decade. We had propane, an outhouse and water carried by bucket or hand-pumped from the lake. With electrical power extended to our remote location, we were above, in June 2000, to add an indoor bathroom. We installed a Sun-Mar Centrex 2000, with which we are delighted. (Caution - teach small children that this toilet is not like the ones in the city ---- our grandson flooded the unit by keeping his foot on the pedal waiting for it to fill up!)

The Centrex is wonderful from Victoria Day weekend to perhaps Thanksgiving. But, since we are northeast of Parry Sound, plumbing cannot be used before ice-out or after freeze-up. So-o-o-o in May 2003, we built a beautiful little building to house the Sun-Mar Excel, a waterfree electric model, for use in April, May, October, and November.

When greeting cottage visitors, most owners say something like, "Come see my new boat" or "Come see my new deck". We say, "Come see the new outhouse!". And it is truly lovely, all insulated and paneled in pine. It boasts a "Dutch" door to view the lake, a handy shelf for the coffee mug and a magazine rack for "Cottage Life" and "Canadian Geographic". It truly does not smell. It is easy to keep clean and fresh. In summer, it is used daily to ease the pressure on the Centrex when there are lots of folks about.

We are very concerned about the environment and endeavor to make minimum impact on our pristine lake and forest. Our choice of Sun-Mar installations is consistent with this goal.

We can hardly wait to be featured in the next Sun-Mar brochure! We are enclosing photos of our toilet(s) complete with a "scratch 'n sniff" option (to duplicate the effect of the scratch and sniff area of the Morgan's photograph, smell your computer monitor screen - don't scratch it though - that will be what a Sun-Mar smells like - Ed.).

You can be assured that we invite all visitors to view our toilets. If they are interested, we eagerly give them the honest poop on Sun-Mar composting toilets.

Central Composting Toilet System
Excel Composting Toilet In Outhouse
Sun-Mar Excel Composting Toilet

The Morgans' Indoor Bathroom

The New Outhouse

Sun-Mar Excel
In The Outhouse

James A. Mauger
Compact, Installed 2000
in Cabin at Loudersport, PA

This cabin has been in my family for 40 years. We have no running water and for 37 years had an outhouse. The Sun-Mar Compact is the best investment we ever made - and at a fraction of the cost of a well and septic system. Using the bathroom at night no longer involves shoes, coat, and a flashlight!

Compact Installed 2000
Compact Composting Toilet

Mauger Cottage, Loudersport PA

Compact Toilet In The Bathroom

Greg and Karen Miels
Excel NE (Non-Electric)Installed Spring 1997
at Vermillion Bay, ON

Letter from Greg & Karen, Dated 7/15/98:

Our experience with our Sun-Mar non-electric composting toilet has been nothing but positive. What a great idea! We would & do recommend this system to anyone who needs an alternative to the conventional septic system.

Our cabin is located on a 4 acre island on Eagle Lake near Vermilion Bay, Ontario. We built the cabin in the early spring of 1997, taking advantage of the ice cover to transport the materials to the island. We were inspected by the local building inspector and by the inspector from the districts' Health Unit. They both took one look at the Sun-Mar & inspection in that area was ended. To say they were happy with our choice was an understatement. "Its the way of the future" we were told. We agree.

Happy Sun-Mar Owners

Enclosed are pictures of our cabin, our Sun-Mar and of course us. Again - we are very satisfied with the product and with the service we received from the service department when we had questions. It has been a positive experience throughout.

-Greg & Karen Miels

Island Cabin
Excel NE Composting Toilet

Miels' Cottage, Vermillion Bay, ON

Excel NE Toilet In The Bathroom

Nancy Steiger
Excel Installed 2002
in Primary Residence, Glaslyn, SK

Residential Excel

Excel At Steiger Residence

This one is newly installed after we finally retired our Bowli X-L after 15 years of full-time residential use (family of 4). Needless to say, we were pleased with the product. Yeah, we had to "learn" the ropes of good composting, but I wonder how many times a plumber would be called to a flush toilet disaster in fifteen years!

Had we had a dissatisfactory experience with the product, I can assure you, I would not have bought another!! We look forward to 15 more years of happy composting with our ecologically sound Excel toilet system.

Thanks for your fine product.

Nancy Steiger

Marcus Rizzardini
Excel, Installed 1998
at the primary residence of Marcus Rizzardini, Powell Butte, OR

Marcus writes:

A great fixture!! No water waste, use where drainfield hookup is impossible, no smell when using, no plugged drains. Great for the landscape and garden. Easy to maintain. We have had success with coconut husk and wood shavings. Looking forward to trying the hemp [Compost Sure, Sun-Mar's current bulking material mixture is dried hemp stalk and peat moss].

Excel Installation Powell Butte, OR
Sun-Mar Excel
The Rizzardinis' Earth Friendly Bathroom
The Rizzardinis' Earth-Friendly Bathroom

Linda Ochs
Excel-NE, Installed 1996
In primary residence at Homestead, NY

Residential Excel NE

The Ochs' Excel NE

Letter from Linda Ochs:

One of the features I like about the Sun-Mar non-electric unit is the fact that it uses no electricity or water which saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water as well as no additional electrical loads. Our house runs on solar power for electricity so this is an important feature.

Mother Nature composts naturally and this product follows along this guideline. Our society has a crazy system of dirtying clean water with our waste, shipping it to a treatment plant, adding potentially deadly chemicals to "clean it up", and then put it back into our waterways again. This system is not an effective or efficient way to deal with our wastes. If we could get the idea of composting as THE way to deal with waste disposal we could save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from going through the "business as usual" system.

I also wouldn't mind my photo that I am sending with this letter being used in your catalog. I tell all my friends about my system and give tours of my home so people can see the environmentally friendly items that do exist and can be incorporated into their homes. I put cedar closet boards behind the unit to help control possible odors/insect problems and decorated the stack air vent with a silk ivy garland to make it blend in better with the decor.

There are two full-time residents at our house so this unit works pretty well for our needs. Visiting friends and relatives are surprised there is no big odor problem and how simple the composting idea is.

The problem I see with most "new" or "different" environmentally friendly products is that society does not like change. We are used to the status quo and don't want to have to do things differently. Nor do we want to know what happens to our waste. A flush takes care of everything, we think. I urge people to take a tour of the sewer plants in their area and really see what happens to our resources. I try to encourage people to take some kind of responsibility for their wastes and this is one way they can do that. I haven't had anyone actually purchase one to date, and the most common answer is that they are very expensive compared to a standard system. Maybe if they had to pay their sewer bills out of their pocket instead of being hid in their tax bill, they might see the true cost and change their minds. That's what I hope for.

-Linda S. Ochs

Pat & Mary Madaleno
Centrex 2000, installed 2002
Summer Cottage, Lost Channel, Trent Severn, Ontario

Central Composting Toilet System

The Madalenos' Centrex 2000

Centrex 2000

Centrex 2000 Composting Chamber

We are really pleased with our compost toilet. (We have the one pint flush). Easy to install, very little maintenance and no problems so far. The township inspector gave it the "thumbs up" as well.

We would recommend it to anyone.

Betty Beange
Excel NE Installed 2000
at her camp in Ontario

Residential Excel

Excel NE at the Beange Camp

My son & I built a camp in May 2000. Water was not available, so we heard about Sun-Mar composting toilets. We then got some information and purchased the Excel NE in August 2000 and have never regretted it. It works like a charm.

-Betty Beange

Steve & Charlene Isenberg
Sun-Mar Mobile
Installed in catamaran
near St. Augustine, FL

Letter A written on back of toilet photo (right):

Will send 2nd one when installed! One of two in our Live aboard Catamaran. We really are happy with the "purring" fan to ventilate and clean lines and "NO PUMP OUTS - EVER!!" EXCELLENT!

Mobile Composting Toilet

The Isenbergs' Mobile

Letter B written on back of Catamaran photo (right):

Closer to launch with two Sun-Mar composters to keep St. Augustine waterways pure! Thanks a million! EVERYONE should have a "clean getaway" vessel!

-Steve & Charlene Isenberg

Mobile Marine Installation

The Isenbergs' Catamaran

Barbara Curran
Excel Installed 1999
in cabin near Crystal Lake, Laramie County, Wyoming

We installed the Excel unit in November of 1999. Since the cabin is without plumbing, the Excel was and is ideal. It looks good and everyone can use it without a problem. It has serviced a large group (12) on a given day and is odorless. We are so glad we found this system, otherwise we would not have purchased our "get-a-way".

-Barbara Curran

Excel Composting

Excel At The Curran Cabin

Pete & Carol Radcliff
Centrex 3000 AF
Cabin in Colorado

Central Composting Toilet System

The Radcliffs' Waterless Toilet

Centrex 3000 Composting Toilet System

Operating The Centrex 3000 A/F

Colorado Composting Toilet

The Radcliff Cabin In Colorado

Pete & Carol write:

Dear Friends at Sun-Mar,

We'd like to say that we are enjoying our Centrex Plus A/F composting toilet in our cabin in Clear Creek County, Colorado. With the drought conditions that we in Colorado (and many of the Western States) are experiencing, it has been great to know that we are doing our part in water conservation. We installed our central unit during the construction phase of our cabin and have been using it almost every weekend and vacation since it was installed (over a year now).

It took very little effort to get used to the maintenance of the unit. At first there was a bit of trepidation about how it would all work... but everything has been working well and we have had few problems. (The 7-and-a-half-feet of snow in the March Blizzard of '03 was a bit hard on the roof vent stack, but that was a once-in-90-year storm)

Thanks, Sun-Mar, for helping us save water, keeping our septic field a "grey-water" system, and giving us a sense of helping the environment. Our little part in saving an incredible 1.6 billion gallons of fresh water with other Sun-Mar users everywhere.

Shane Dobler
Excel-NE, Installed 1997
In Float Cabin on Powell Lake, BC

Excel NE Composting Toilet

Easy Care Excel NE Leaves
More Time For Fishing

Excel NE In Float Cabin, BC

Excel NE In The Doblers' Float Cabin

Buying a Sun-Mar Excel-NE composting toilet in 1997 was the best move we ever made at our cabin on Powell Lake.

It works so well with no mess, no smell and takes very little time to maintain.The unit is installed on a float cabin eliminating the need for a shore based outhouse.

It also saves us having to maintain a walkway to shore to get to an outhouse. Because of fluctuating lake levels this can be a full time job. This leaves me more time to take my kids fishing!!

Elizabeth J. Vis
Excel-NE, Installed 1999
on Vacation Property in Wisconsin

Excel NE Composting Toilet

The Vis Family's Excel NE

Odor-free Composting Toilet

Odor-free Outhouse At The Vis
Family Vacation Property

Dear Sirs:

We purchased the ExcelNE in March of 1999. We have installed it in an outdoor style outhouse. We do a lot of camping at our property and got sick of carrying a port-a-potty back with us to be disposed of, which is a smelly chore. We could have put in a real outdoor style toilet but did not want the constant smell that is associated with outdoor toilets. With the SunMar we can enjoy a smell free process and the compost is recycled to the surrounding woods without worry of smell or contamination of the environment.

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