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Water Fact:
A major cause of ground-water contamination in many areas of the United States is effluent, or outflow, from septic tanks, cesspools, and privies (EPA Citizen's Guide to Ground Water Protection, 1990).
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Oakville, Ontario
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Sun-Mar Quality Has Earned The Following Certifications And Memberships:
CSA Certified
Electrical Features Certified
CSA File #LR55925
Member Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
Member Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
Certified NSF Standard 41
Certified NSF Standard 41
US Coast Guard Certified
US Coast Guard Certified
Massachusetts Approval - Title 5

This approval is necessary in the state of Massachusetts on top of NSF Standard 41-1999 certification in order for composting toilets to be installed in Massachusetts.

To qualify, the company's products must first be certified to NSF Standard 41-1999, and submit to further review from the State of Massachusetts.

We are proud to announce that all of our NSF certified and listed units are now approved under Title 5 for installation in Massachusetts.
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Featuring Sun-Mar Odorless Composting Toilets

- Convenient, Economical and Environmentally Friendly!

A composting toilet is the most economical, convenient and environmentally friendly way to process your toilet wastes when you can't connect to a sewer or septic system, or in areas of water shortage.

We offer four main types of composting toilets:

Excel Composting Toilet

Self-contained Composting Toilets have the composting chamber under the toilet seat, so it's all one unit located in your bathroom. Click self-contained composting toilets for detailed descriptions and order information.
Centrex 1000 Composting Toilet

One Pint Flush Central Composting Toilet Systems use a Sealand toilet in your bathroom with the composting chamber located below in a crawl space or basement or outside the building. Click one pint flush central composting toilet systems for detailed descriptions and order information.
Centrex 3000 AF Composting Toilet

Waterless Central Composting Toilet Systems use a Sun-Mar dry toilet in your bathroom with the composting chamber located directly underneath in a crawl space or basement. Click waterless central composting toilet systems for detailed descriptions and order information.
Marine Composting Toilet

Mobile Composting Toilets are especially designed for installation in boats and RV's. Click mobile composting toilets for detailed descriptions and order information.

Read Stories From Satisfied Sun-Mar Owners

Happy Sun-Mar Owner

Julie Wyatt

Compact Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Compact In The Bathroom

Sun-Mar Compact, Installed 1996 at the primary residence of Julie Wyatt, in the US Pacific Northwest

Julie's email to Sun-Mar October 4, 2001:

"First, some background. The Main House has a conventional septic system with normal toilets operating therein, etc. However, when I added the art studio (where I now live), I had an opportunity to install the system of my choice: a composting toilet. It is an environmentally sound choice, and it "works" when we're out of power and/or water. (See below.) I might add that I did a lot of research before choosing your Sun-Mar.

I've used your composting toilet on a daily basis for the past five years. There have been cold, rainy, winter days when I've "hated" having to slog out into the woods to bury a wheelbarrow full of compost, but all in all, the toilet has served me well. It is serving me ESPECIALLY WELL at the moment, because our well, like so many others around here, has all but dried up. We're all praying for RAIN! One-third the normal rainfall this past year is not something we're used to dealing with in this (rainy) part of the Northwest! Anyway, I have an operating toilet while others are hauling in water to flush theirs. (grin) I might also add, that your product and your 'service' are absolutely TOPS; I've enjoyed every contact I've had with your company!"

-Julie Wyatt

Centrex 2000 Installation, Ontario
Centrex 2000 Composting Unit
Under The MacGregors' Cottage

Sun-Mar Centrex 2000, installed 2001 at the cottage of Bill MacGregor in Ontario

Bill writes:

We are thrilled with our Centrex 2000. As our cottage is built on rock, a septic system would have been very expensive. The Sun-Mar system is much more affordable and environmentally friendly, which is important to us.

Sun-Mar Compact installed 1999 in the cabin of Louise Perkins at Pocono Lake Preserve, PA

Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Compact In
The Perkins' Cabin

Louise writes:

We installed the Compact after struggling without success with another composting toilet for many years. The Compact is used daily for 4-6 weeks each summer and then for occasional weekend use the rest of the year. It works wonderfully!

Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 installed 2003 in the summer cabin of E.M. Otto, near Thunder Bay, ON

Centrex 1000 Installation, ON
The Ottos' Summer Cabin

Mr. Otto writes:

Our cabin is on a hillside (see photo), lots of rock and gravel. No place to put a septic system, even if we wanted one.

The 510 bowl has a straight drop to the Centrex 1000 in a insulated, heated containment unit under the floor. A flip up door allows for turning the crank without total loss of heat for winter use, very dry year, lots of drywells, doesn't worry us. The environment office suggested a compost unit when I called for a site inspection.

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