Everything you need to know about plastic

Plastic is easily the most troublesome man-made material we are facing. It is petroleum-based, not biodegradable, full of toxic chemicals, and pervades every corner of the earth. Learn more about the disastrous consequences our planet is experiencing from plastic pollution and how you can reduce plastic use in your daily life.

Plastic pollution: plastic trash floating in the ocean with fish in the background

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is one of our planet’s most worrisome environmental crises. Learn about this problem and how to be part of the solution.

Types of plastic: Multiple colors of plastic straws.

Types of Plastic

Did you know the recycling symbol on plastic objects does not indicate recyclability? These are simply meant to identify types of plastic, which you can learn about here.

Reducing plastic use: Sand with plastic trash arranged in rainbow-like colors.

Reducing Plastic Use

Learning to reduce plastic use in your life can take some time. Discover eco-friendly alternatives to common household items here.


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