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Clean Beauty

Many of the beauty & hygiene products we use are packed full of harmful chemicals. In addition, beauty product packaging is a significant waste source. Discover non-toxic, zero-waste alternatives for your personal care regimen.

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Sustainable Home

Our living spaces hold numerous opportunities for sustainable improvement. From the products we buy, such as cleaning products, appliances, furniture, and textiles, to our heating and cooling habits or water usage, there are many ways to conserve resources.

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The goal of sustainable transportation is to maximize effiency in order to decrease GHG emissions. This can take many forms: public transportation, ride sharing, walking or biking, EV use, or taking steps to maximize efficiency of existing vehicles.

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Sustainable Gardening

Creating a sustainable garden entails appropriate plant selection, minimizing water and chemical use, and creating habitats for wildlife. Cultivate your green thumb in more ways than one.


Sports & Outdoors

Sports aren’t the easiest place to go green, but there are a few things you can do. There are many more options for outdoor activities, like choosing sustainable equipment and knowing what to do with it when you’re done.

Health & First Aid

Medical supplies are largely single-use and not particularly sustainable, but there are a few greener products you can buy, as well as donation and recycling options for unneeded supplies and equipment.

It’s time to go green.

Not sure where to start your sustainability journey? Get inspiration and ideas here.

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