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Electronic Recycling in Salt Lake City

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Read more about this problem and get tips to decrease your electronic footprint here.

Where to donate electronics in Salt Lake City


Donate working TVs to The Road Home, The Other Side Thrift Boutique or other thrift stores.


Tech charities accept equipment such as servers, laptops, towers and desktop computers, LCD Monitors, smartphones & tablets, networking equipment, mice & keyboards, as well as power cords and cables. Tech Charities or SpyHop refurbish the donated tech and then distribute items to students and families in need.

The Salt Lake Academy of Music is another option for donating computers and laptops.

Video games

Sell to GameStop or GameChangerz, or donate to a thrift store.

The U of U Marriott library accepts donations of video games, consoles (any condition), controllers, and cables.


Donate mixers, speakers, microphones, cables, and audio interfaces to the Salt Lake Academy of Music.

CDs, DVDs, LPs

Donate to any Salt Lake Public Library location, U of U Marriott library, or thrift store.

Cell phones

Donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers at Freeway Transmissions or any of their other drop-off locations.

Where to recycle electronics in Salt Lake City

There are four main options for recycling e-waste in Salt Lake City, with special considerations for old tv disposal. Computer recycling and all other electronics are accepted at the following locations.

  1. Best Buy or Staples are the best places to recycle just about any type of electronic device or cable; check the links for exact materials accepted. There is no charge for items at either location, except for a $30 fee for TVs at Best Buy; Staples does not accept TVs. Free TV recycling is a rarity since televisions contain hazardous materials and require special care to recycle.
  2. Recycle Solutions is another electronic recycling option, but they do not accept TVs or CRT monitors.
  3. TVs and other e-waste can be dropped off at the Hazardous Waste area of the Salt Lake Valley Landfill.
  4. Schedule your annual Call2Haul bulk waste pickup, which is free to all SLC residents. They will recycle your e-waste for free as part of the program. Electronic waste such as TVs, computers, printers, scanners, monitors, mobile phones, stereo & video equipment, small kitchen appliances, etc. are accepted.

Recycle broken cell phones with one of the options above or with your wireless carrier.

**Note that both the SLC and Salt Lake County sustainability websites list Metech as an option for recycling electronics; however Metech’s website states that they no longer accept residential materials.

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