Sustainable Pet Supplies in Salt Lake City

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Utah-made pet food & supplies

Pet food

Recycle pet food & snack packaging

If you can’t tear the paper holding your pet food, it can’t be recycled with your regular recycling. If the pet food bag is labeled plastic #2 or #4, you can recycle it with your other plastic film recycling. Metal cans are recyclable.

Pet Supplies Plus in at Traverse Mountain in Lehi is the only place semi-locally I can find that collects pet food and snack packaging for recycling. Any brand for any species of pet is acceptable.

Terracycle does have a handful of free mail-in programs for certain pet food brands, click here to see if the brand you use is one of them. If not, they sell a zero waste box to recycle any brand and size of pouch, bag, box, or container used for packaging pet food, treats, and vitamins.

Pet products

  • Rocco & Roxie. This local company offers pet treats, shampoo, and products for cleaning up after your furry friends. Their Stain & Odor Eliminator spray has 110K+ reviews on Amazon; I’ve used it on carpet spots and it works like a charm. Odor is gone and the dog doesn’t return to the spot.

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Where to donate pet supplies in Salt Lake City

  • Salt Lake County Animals Services will accept donations of unused pet meds (non-controlled substances) and supplies.
  • Any gently used pet supplies, including food and treats in the original container, can be donated to Best Friends or Humane Society. They’ll also take any extra cleaning products you might have, like dish soap, laundry detergent, and paper towels.
  • Sell items on KSL classifieds or in a specific hobbyist group forum like the WMAS (Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society).
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