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Sustainable Furniture & Home Decor in Salt Lake City

Cheaply-made, mass produced furniture, aka fast furniture, has become a huge problem. These pieces are built from weak, cheap materials that are not built to last and end up in the landfill after only a few years. If you are able, invest in quality pieces that are built to last. Buying used pieces is a great option for those on a budget to obtain solid furniture. Learn more about what sustainable and non-toxic features to look for when buying new furniture and how you can do your part to decrease your contribution to this waste stream by clicking here.

My favorite Salt Lake City home decor stores

Utah-made sustainable furniture

  • Got Old Wood – This SLC-based furniture company salvages wood from old barns, fences, and other structures to create beautiful reclaimed wood pieces.
  • Reforest Furniture – Based in WVC, this furniture business builds some of their pieces from pine that was sourced from dead trees in the Uinta mountains. They also build furniture from hardwoods and metal.

Where to shop for used furniture in Salt Lake City

Buying used, vintage, or antique furniture is a great way to decrease waste by extending a piece of furniture’s life and decreasing demand for new production. And it’s a great option for those on a budget.

Where to donate furniture in Salt Lake City

The thrift stores listed above are great options to donate furniture in Salt Lake City. You can also help people out by giving furniture away through the local Buy Nothing or Freecycle groups. There is always a lot of need for furniture there, especially mattresses.

Some donation centers pick up furniture.

How to dispose of furniture in Salt Lake City

The easiest way to dispose of large furniture for Salt Lake City residents is to use the city’s free annual Call2Haul service. They will collect sofas, couches, chairs, desks, tables, bed frames, bookshelves, large children’s toys and equipment, filing cabinets, scrap metal, pipes, shelving units, and similar items. They will also donate or recycle items as applicable.

Another option is to hire a junk hauler such as Junk King or Load Up who will also donate or recycle items as able.

Lastly, you can haul items yourself to the Salt Lake Valley Landfill.

Do your best to avoid the landfill—there are few opportunities to recycle furniture, except for items made of metal which can be recycled at a scrap metal recycler.

Find local information for mattresses here.

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